Monday, August 20, 2012

Some summer pictures

Some old and recent pictures of our summer...

Trisha came to visit us this past weekend!
Thanks for the delicious salsa you made us!

At the Indiana State Fair.

Ian and Josiah enjoying the fair.

Josiah loving his free corn dog. Thanks nice fair worker!

Matt, Rachael, and baby Cade. Thanks for inviting us down.
We had lots of fun and the weather was perfect!

A few weeks ago my cousins Josh and Krissy stopped by with 
their kids Taylor and Kyle.
We had lots of fun...come back anytime!

At the beginning of August I went to Rittman and 
visited my cousin Mandy,who had a baby girl, Kinsley.

Stoller and Feucht cousins meeting Josiah for the first 
time in July. Charity was a very good entertainer!

Josiah touching his first kitty at Jon and Amy's.

Hanging out with Jon and Amy's family & Jason and Joy's family.

The guys playing Kubb. I love these two action shots of Jason!

He is not happy with the results! 
Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather!

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  1. Jon - not sure you remember me - but we met at Matt and Rachaels on Easter. OUr family has been following your blog of Josiah's journey home and it has been a delight to see yet another miracle of adoption evolve. Isn't God amazing! It brings back so many emotions of our own adoption experiences with Austin and Emily - and it's good to revisit the faithfulness of God all over again. We wish you blessings abundantly with your new little family! He is surely precious.