Monday, August 6, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

One would think that after being home much of July and taking as many pictures that I have, I would have blogged more. But Jon and I are still trying to figure out time management with a toddler, and keeping up with it all wasn't happening. So for those of you who visited us, brought meals, and even drove hours to meet Josiah, know that it wasn't because you weren't post-worthy! I'll try to get the pics posted or emailed eventually.

This past weekend was jam packed full of fun and excitement for our family. I have to admit I felt pretty stressed on how Josiah would do with it all. Thankfully it went much better than expected and it was a really special weekend. 

Joel and Amber stopped by with Liam and Aiden after the Gateway Sale. Power outages and storms didn't stop us from having lots of fun with the Virkler family! 

Liam, Josiah, and Aiden enjoying the pool.

Getting ready for bath-time!

Josiah and Aiden are only a week apart in age. 

Wakey wakey! One of Josiah's awesome sleeping positions. 

Josiah went to a church service with Daddy.

Birthday spread! (FYI Josiah is actually 14 months today). 

The cake before Josiah. 

Destruction of the birthday cake was a success!

Happy Belated Birthday Josiah! We love you!

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