Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phoenix and Lifesong

Before I post some pictures from our vacation, I want to remind everyone of the garage sale planned this Thursday and Friday that benefits Lifesong Ethiopia at Emily Shambach's house in Leo. Starts at 9AM. All proceeds will be donated to Lifesong Ethiopia. Message me if you need directions. Hope to see you there!

To learn more about LIfesong Ethiopia: http://www.lifesongfororphans.org/orpCare/eth.html

Lifesong school construction


Over Labor Day weekend we traveled to Phoenix for our highly anticipated Ringger family vacation. We had such a blast and best of all was seeing Josiah being loved on by all his cousins. As we get back to reality this week, I had fun looking back through all of the pictures and picking out a few to share. 

Jon and Josiah walked laps in the airport 
trying to burn energy before our flights.

The Ringger cousins!

The boy cousins.


Jack wearing some of his 
new birthday gear.

Josiah feeling pretty cool grocery 
shopping at Imagination Ave.

Working hard at "Home Depot".

Pita and Angie in "jail".

Enjoying some pizza as a family. 

Josiah, Violet, and Avery utilizing some of 
the condo's extra cupboard space.

Enjoying some crab at the Salt Cellar.

He's getting so close to walking! 
Enjoying some time at Mike and Angie's. 

Violet showing off her climbing skills!

Matt, Rachael, Ian, and Cade at the top. 

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