Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Week

Warning: This blog was inspired out of boredom during one of Josiah's naps.

Since we've brought Josiah home, it feels like our world has been filled with so many firsts. Watching him explore his world, all the while rapidly developing new skills has been amazing. Not only is Josiah learning new things, but so have Jon and I. I've become pretty good at doing things one handed with a 26lb squirming toddler on my hip. I'm also getting skilled at rocking. I actually caught myself rocking my own body when I was reading the other morning. I've even found out that getting dressed and going to the bathroom with an audience can sometimes give you some added excitement to your day. Jon and I have had some pretty funny nights, one which included a sleepy Jon waking me up to tell me that Josiah was in bed with us, only to find out a few seconds later it was actually a pillow. Sometimes I wish someone snuck a recorder in our house just so Jon and I could hear all the crazy babbling and songs that's we've been doing since becoming parents. Just like any first time parents, we also find ourselves taking pictures or video of almost everything. Add our cute little guy into even the most mundane of situations and suddenly I'm running for our camera or ipad.

So, at the end of this uneventful week, I decided to glaze back through what I had taken and come up with a post. Enjoy!

Can you believe I get to start off my mornings with this face? I snapped a shot of him this morning because it turns out oatmeal and peek-a-boo don't mix.

Josiah after getting shots. I rewarded him for doing so well by letting him play with his Tylenol syringe for a bit. His other reward? Brushing his teeth...he loves it!

Josiah has been learning to wave over these past few weeks. After asking him to demonstrate for me, here he is showing off his fine ability.

When I leave the room I like to let Josiah know so he doesn't cry or he can come along with me. Sometimes he forgets I left and starts crawling rapidly around the house. I heard the crawling pitter patter while in the kitchen one morning and decided to grab my camera and give Josiah some clues about where I was.

Had to take a picture of the book that we read over and over. By far, Josiah's favorite.

Turns out that Josiah loves to watch the Olympics just as much as Jon and I. 

This past week Josiah has learned how to crawl onto the fireplace, so it's become quite a hotspot. On Sunday night I left all his birthday gifts on the fireplace and chair instead of putting them away. Rookie move. Monday morning Josiah excitedly threw everything on the floor. Unfortunately for him he doesn't know how to get down from the fireplace so it quickly got boring. It was cracking me up so I whipped out my i-pad. You can see him give himself a little clap and luckily he finds an envelope to play with. A very boring video, but it made for a good memory for momma!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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