Tuesday, July 3, 2012


That's the only word I can use to describe these past couple weeks. It started with frantic packing and last minute arrangements, included another amazing trip to Ethiopia, and ended with over 30 hours of travel home with a little boy that has our hearts exploding with love.

I wanted to share in this post a few excerpts from an email I sent some close family and friends before we left. 
...Before we go any further, we want to express our thanksgiving for each prayer, word of encouragement, financial donation, and gift we have received. What a humbling experience this has been. We cannot say "thank you" enough.
Although most of you already know this, when we return home we plan to lay low for the first month, then evaluate how things are going, and progress accordingly. All nurturing activities such as feeding, changing, rocking, bathing will be performed by either Jon or I. If we are out in public, we will be the only ones holding him (unless we ask if you want to hold him), and will be the primary holders at home, although if you drop by (and we hope you do!) we will be fine with you loving on him...

I have so many pictures and memories that I can't wait to share from our trip... I'm hoping to post them soon. For now, I'll sign off with two shots from the day we got custody of Josiah.

Josiah Yosen Ringger
born: 6/6/11

The care center gave us this traditional Ethiopian outfit as a gift for Josiah.

Josiah enjoying some cake from his party.


  1. We are rejoicing with you!! Congratulations!

    (also TOTALLY respect the boundaries you are setting!)

  2. Yeah! WHAT A DOLL!
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Welcome home sweet Josiah!

  3. We are so excited for you and praising God for His faithfulness in bringing you together with this precious little boy. He is absolutely adorable!

  4. so so so excited for you! and love how you are clearly setting boundaries now....there is a lot of wisdom in that! God bless your sweet little family!