Monday, July 9, 2012

Ethiopia (Trip 2) "Part 2"

When I started sorting pictures, it just seemed easier to start from the second half of our trip (6/27-7/1) and then work our way back to the beginning. So here we go!

Mommy and Josiah playing in front the mirror at our guesthouse.
Josiah's favorite game!
Josiah and Daddy ready for Embassy/VISA interview
Our new friends Nancy and Mirhet 
Our cook graciously gave us lessons on how to make injera
Giving it a try 
Some of the staff at the guesthouse we stayed. They were fabulous!
Nigest was staying at the guesthouse we were at and invited us to her mother's house for a coffee ceremony
Tsegaw took us for some shopping. Enjoying some coffee and cake.
Enjoying beauty of the Sheraton with Allen and Susan.
They graciously hosted us overnight (again) the day before we left Ethiopia.
We had a wonderful time. Thanks again!
Someone is excited to fly home!
We flew out with Nigest's mother (who did the coffee ceremony for us)!
Josiah sleeping in his bassinet on the airplane. He was an awesome traveler!

After 31 hours of travel (one delayed flight and a rental car ride with people we met at the airport headed to Fort Wayne), we arrived home to be greeted by parents, family, and friends. Thanks everyone for your love, prayers, and support!

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