Thursday, June 27, 2013


                     Yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of Josiah's Gotcha Day! The past couple weeks and months Jon and I have done a lot of reminiscing of this incredible time in our lives. My eyes still flood with tears when I remember trying to hold back the sobs when we took Josiah around to say good-bye to the other kids and nannies. By the time we were walking through gate Jon and I both had tears streaming down our faces as we felt so acutely for Josiah. Although our hearts were filled with praise that God was beautifully molding us into "our family," it was done so with an unimaginable loss on Josiah's part.

This past year has flown and it seems crazy to think that Josiah has only been part of our lives for a year. His contagious smile and curious personality entertains us constantly! We put on Josiah's "Gotcha Day" outfit he wore for his good-bye party and it was just another reminder of how much he has grown, not just physically, but in so many other countless ways. Josiah, you make our hearts swell with so much joy and WE LOVE YOU!

Some other things going on in our lives...

 Father's Day weekend. We used creme filled cupcakes to reveal to our family that we are having a boy! 

Peanut butter and graham wonderful friends! 
Since my first trimester nausea and vomiting decided it was going to hang around, I have found these two foods to be my dependable companions.

Jon and I celebrated Father's Day at Baker Street. It looks a little overly sunny in the picture, but we had an awesome meal and enjoyed the warm evening. 
I knew Jon was going to be an awesome dad, but he constantly amazes me. Two weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my back and Jon stepped up above and beyond I would have ever expected, and he did it all with grace. I am so blessed!

Jon and Josiah enjoying the water park on the Monon Trail in Indianapolis. Thanks Matt and Rachael for inviting us!

Our nephew Cade after his first birthday cake destruction. We all agreed that we had never seen a kid attack the cake the way he did!

I love this picture of Josiah and Ian watching TV together. Josiah adores Ian.

Josiah cooling off while Connor and Evan slip and slide.

I took this picture the first day our air conditioning stopped working, mostly because of the irony that is said "cool." Thankfully out of the five days it was broken we were either gone all or most of the day, enjoying the humid 85 degree temperature in our sleep:~)

Lastly, to update you all about our transition to Gateway Woods. We accepted a position as alternate house parents in the end of May and have already started some training, which will continue into July. We will move from our current house in Fort Wayne (which thankfully has sold already) into Grabill mid-July. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. We appreciate all the support and prayers we have gotten already, especially in light of Josiah going through another transition and for our new little guy coming at the end of October.

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  1. I hadn't heard you're going to Gateway- how exciting! I'll be praying for you:)