Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Picture update

The end of April started with a three day road trip to visit friends and family from Illinois. We had a great evening hanging out with Traever and Andrea, Chris and Amanda, and Craig and Laura. 

Apparently the girls banned Josiah to the bed:~)

After spending the night with Traever and Andrea, we headed to my sister Jen's house in Roanoke. We were fortunate to stop by and visit Rich and Becky Metcalf and family on the way (sadly no pictures) and enjoyed catching up with them. The last time we saw them was in Ethiopia. What a great family!

We had such a fun time with the Feucht family! One of the highlights for Josiah was going with their kids to the barn to see the animals.

Checking out the sheep and cows.

Josiah adores Charity and followed her around the whole time.

Group shot with the Feucht kiddos.

Saturday night we enjoyed meeting up with the Anlikers at the park in Roanoke. I've been amazed by all the new friends and connections we've made through our adoption experience.

Next fun trip was to Indy with Grandma Myra to go the the Children's Museum with Rachael, Ian, and Cade. Josiah was in heaven!

Ian and Josiah in a giant "Hot Wheels."

The beginning of May I attended Summit 9 in Nashville. It was an amazing two days of speakers and break-out sessions. I was so thankful I went!

My co-travelers: Leah, Emily, and Leslie.

Had a great time at the conference hanging out with Sheresa and Mandy.

One of the things I love about warm weather is eating outside! 

It got a little chilly- but we had a great time with Solomon, Doris, and Pauline. 

Josiah NEVER ceases to make me laugh. He snuck his mower into the bathtub a couple weeks ago and was making some serious waves!

One of the things I love about living in Fort Wayne is living close to some really great parks and the zoo! Josiah and I enjoyed his first zoo experience together with my two awesome co-workers Ashley and Rachel and their kiddos. 

We continue to make updates on our house! I love the way our living room is turning out. 
(Sadly, we won't be enjoying this much longer...but that is for another post!)

Last weekend we drove to Champaign and had a blast spending the night with Neil and Kim Kellenberger and their kids. They brought home their twin girls about 6 months before Josiah so we had lots of things to chat about:~)

I had to include this picture because Josiah could not get enough of Jaci!

Lastly, we enjoyed attending the beautiful wedding of Amit and Sydney Parkhe. Jon was with Amit in India when we first got engaged so it's always fun to reminisce about this time in our lives. 

Hope you are all having a great spring!

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