Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adoption Timeline

It's hard to believe how much time has passed since we started our "adoption journey." While the wait was/has been a roller coaster ride, with the time-line doubling since we started the process, God has faithfully provided re-assurance and increased our faith during this time. We've been strengthened by those who have been praying along side of us through-out this process, while making new friends and getting a chance to be involved in serving others in new ways.


May 2010: Jon and I prayerfully decided that we will start building our family through adoption. It's something we had talked about since our engagement, but we felt like God was telling us to "go for it." With the help of Loving Shepherd, an organization which helps you get started in the adoption process, we chose to adopt internationally to Ethiopia

June 2010: We decide to use Holt International as our adoption agency and found an agency in Notre Dame to do our Home Study. We got started on our home-study right before we left for Outer Banks with the Ringger family. I'll never forget sharing the news as one our "prayer requests" during morning devotions with our Ringger family:~)

(enjoying the pool at Outer Banks)

July 3: Went home to Ohio for the weekend and we were able to tell our Dotterer family and Grandpa and Grandma Stoller the exciting news!

Summer 2010: Tried to enjoy the summer as much as possible while trying to get the Home-study and Dossier completed 

My summer reading...

 (unrelated to our adoption...but such a cute picture. August 24th my twin nephews Jack and Quinn were born)

Early September: Completed Home-Study!

September 17: Received I-600A from Immigration!

October 25: Biometrics in Indianapolis and then off to Phoenix.

We went with Mike and Angie to try our first taste of Ethiopian food!

November 12: We received our I-171H!  Our dossier is complete and ready to send to Holt!

November 18: After some revisions, we are #54 on Holt's waiting list!!!

December 2010: Enjoyed Christmas with the thought in mind that "next year at this time" our baby will be home

Our first "baby" gifts- beautiful blanket and some animals for our baby room


January 5: We find out that the wait for referral is expected to continue lengthening

Feburary 6: Despite being warned of the extended wait, we moved up significnatly on our wait list.

March 16:  MOWA released a statement that they are going to cut their case-load down by 90%, slowing down things furthur in Ethiopia.

We took a road trip to the Biltmore for our "last" trip together (so we thought)

July 5: Two Mussie orphanages that Holt partners with are shut down

Summer/Fall/Winter 2011: Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.


February 17: REFERRAL!

March 20: Submitted to court! be continued

***I wanted to update those who have been praying for Jeff and Sarah's baby Joah. Click here to read some good news!*** 

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