Monday, January 30, 2012


I've just spent the last hour figuring out how to set up a blog and searching the internet for templates that are free AND that I like. A lot of them seem crafty or really creative- none of which describe myself, so I will use this loud pink background until I find another. If anyone actually reads this (that blogs) do you have any tips?

So now that it's time to post something, I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out what to say. I planned on starting this blog in the summer of 2010 in order that family and friends could share in our adoption journey. But as the wait for our referral got longer, my motivation for starting it diminished. I'll share more about our adoption in another post, but for now I figured I would just post a few pictures from Christmas and recent happenings. (Doesn't it seem like that was so long ago?)

Mom got me a beautiful mother/baby sculpture. Hoping this is the year!

Nate and April's twins. Isn't this precious?

The "older" kids playing 

The Ringger family went to Chicago in November as part of our Christmas. Uncle Jon rode in a wheelchair because of his knee surgery.

I love this picture. Dad and Mom with all the grand-kids.

Our "romantic" Chicago picture

*Turns out I don't really have any good Ringger Christmas pictures. Rachel or Angie, if you read this...could you send me a few for my photo-album?  

I still can't believe God blessed me with such an amazing husband!

Jon and I got re-fingerprinted in January

Happy Birthday Matt!

"Professor Ringger" Jon's first day of work as a Photojournalism instructor at Indiana Wesleyan.
(Yes, Jon woke me up to take the pic)

Kyann came to visit!!!

I love you Peppy!

Thanks for joining me for my first blog experience:~) 

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Super excited you are now a blogger!! Wahooo! I happen to love the pink background. :) Happy blogging!

  2. I am excited you are doing this. It will be fun to keep up with you guys!!:):) We pray for you guys all the time and know this is a tough time as you wait. We spent a lot of time listening to John Wallers song 'While I'm waiting', while we were waiting - both during the referral stage and then between court and embassy!! Go listen and soak up the truths in this song - keep serving, worshipping and running the race!! We love you guys!