Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recent Happenings

A few things we've been up to lately...

Thanks to Ben Kellenberger our ceiling is finally finished!

While Jon went to Big Sky, Montana with some friends....

...Kyann was kind of enough to come stay with me!

Enjoying breakfast with Maria, Alyssa, and Kyann. 
Apparently it got a little too long for Josiah:~)

We took a quick trip home to Ohio and Josiah got to spend some time with his cousins.

     Enjoying some coffee with the glowing soon-to-be bride Trisha!                         

Josiah continues to keep things lively!

Josiah enjoying Addy's birthday party at the mall. 
Top pic: Group shot
From left to right:
Josiah was so excited to ride the carrousel, but as soon as it started he hopped into my arms. This was followed by throwing pennies into the fountain. Josiah spent most of the time trying to throw himself in instead.

Josiah was circumcised yesterday. The day started with us leaving Fort Wayne in snow flurries and immediately getting stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam from an accident. Thankfully since we had decided to leave so early we made it just a little late to Riley. Thankfully Grandma Myra came with us, which was a huge blessing. After getting settled in the pre-op area we were told it was going to be another 2 hours until surgery. Josiah, who was only able to have some clear liquids in the morning, did amazingly well while we waited. Suddenly, about 20 minutes after they told us there would be a 2 hours delay, they said it was time to go. I quickly got Josiah into his gown, met with the surgeon, and Josiah was off (they decoyed him with an iPad so he went happily with them).  The surgery went great,  but the nurse said Josiah woke up a bit freaked out in recovery and started sobbing when he saw us. Thankfully he slept most of the way home, only fussing a bit, and enjoyed some of his  favorite foods- chicken nuggets and french fries. By the time we were home he was ready to run around and play. I'm happy to report that he is doing great today! 


  1. Josiah is such a cutie!

    The little girl in the pink princess dress looks like you, Beth. Is that your niece?

    Did Dr. Cain perform the surgery? If so, I bet you were in good hands. He did Emitt's surgery a few years back...nice guy!

  2. Sarah- No relation to the girl in pink (I think your talking about the one closest to Josiah). And yes, it was Dr Cain and he was wonderful!