Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're Moving!

December 22nd is the big day!

So, you won't be seeing much posting going on for a little while. 

Also, I've already reached my max photo limit on this blog. Have any of you had this issue? What other blog sites do you use? Any recommendations?

One last thing. Check out this link!


  1. Excited to have you in the Leo area! My sister had the same problem with her blog. She ended up using a thing called Blurb and made her blog into a scrapbook. Then was able to delete all the posts and started blogging again. don't know if that's what you would want to do or not.

  2. I had this problem too awhile back. I think you have to buy a photo storage plan through your Google account. I bought a $5/per year plan (20 GB) a while back and it's worked great ever since. Don't totally remember how I did it though. Hope that helps a little.

  3. Hi,
    THis is sandra (joy's sister). I read your blog often. Anyways, I did do a blog book by blurb, BUT after I ordered it my dear husband actually figured out how to allow you to have more space to blog photos and not necessarily delete the posts. Believe it or not, but all your photos you download are automatically saved into a google picasa web album. You actually have to open that up and go to all your pictures and delete those pictures from the picasa page(yes if you delete here they will delete from your blog). So if you want to save anything making a book by blurb is the way to go. Of course you can spend money and buy more GB like autumn mentioned. I just have always wanted to turn my blog into scrapbooks anyways so now was the time to do it. Once you delete your pictures from Picasa Web then it gives you instant space. But remember your pictures that you delete will also delete from blog. (the post won't be gone, just the pictures). Hope this makes sense. Good luck with the move. Leo sounds like a great place to be:)...and perhaps thats because my sister is there:). Any questions you can email me at waibels2001 at gmail dot com.

  4. Didn't catch this until after your last post, so hopefully you got everything figured out. I got the warning too, but I figured there had to be a cheap, somewhat lazy way for me to get around it until after I could find time to make a blurb book. Anyways, it might take more time in the long run, but if you post pictures 800x800 pixels and less, then it'll take them for free without counting it towards your storage space. I've just noted when I started doing that, so when it comes time to make a book, I can remember to switch the pictures so that they are higher quality.

    Also, we got your Christmas card... cute :) But your new address got caught in the lovely USPS system, and there is a smudge across your street name- go figure! Would you mind emailing it to me, so I can change it in our address list?

    Love you guys!