Friday, May 11, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday April 25th

We woke up with excitement knowing we would be spending a few more hours with our son. Walking into the care center we got him out of his crib with his adorable drool soaked chin. After he started warming up to us again we got to hear him giggle for the first time. Heaven! Later on, after rocking him to sleep one of the nannies motioned for me to lay him in his crib. As I started to lay him down we heard him start to cry for the first time. Our hearts melted and I snuck him back outside and with arm muscles burning I held him through his nap.

After the care center we had a free afternoon in which we took the chance to get some much needed rest and enjoy the city a little more.

 Thursday, April 26th

The day started out with some nerves knowing we were heading for our court date that morning. We met with the Holt lawyer who was very kind and reassuring and reviewed with us what would be happening in court. We rode over to the court house and after some waiting we went before the judge. A short time later we walked out celebrating that we had passed! Now our adoption can continue to proceed towards an Embassy date, which is generally 8-12 weeks after the court date.

Ready for court!

We rode over with the other two families to the care center to say good-bye with our children that afternoon. It was bittersweet. After playing and enjoying one more chance of feeding our little guy, our driver appeared and it was time to go. We had our first prayer together as a family before we left, as the tears burned in my eyes.

 Enjoying lunch after we all passed court!

We were so blessed to get to spend three days with two Holt families at the guesthouse. It made the trip so much more enjoyable, especially being able to share these experiences with those who could relate to the emotional roller coaster we were all going through. We said good-bye Thursday night as they left for the airport and we went to bed early so we could get up bright and early for our road trip the next morning.

A few more pictures...

Overlooking Addis Ababa

Some tasty beef tibs, dora wat, and injera

Coffee and popcorn

Fikrab, our Holt driver

Steve and Christy after passing court

Waitress with traditional Ethiopian clothing

Addis Ababa

 Culture House

Holt families

Jon and I after passing court

Ron and Julie after passing court

to be continued...


  1. It's so great to read your journey. I know we talked about everything on your guys' brief pass through, but it's so precious to see your hearts <3

  2. I didnt realize we are both HOLT families! I need to keep up with the families still in process. I miss Jemimah/Lucy Land Guesthouse...i spent weeks there, it was bittersweet and i wouldnt change it for anything.

    1. We loved working with Holt and Lucy Land was a great place to stay! Thanks for stopping by my blog!